Friday, October 23, 2009

Fun Facts about Thailand!

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Did you know that-- 

*Thailand is also known as the "Land of the Free". The Thai people are proud of the fact their country is the ONLY country in South East Asia never to have been colonized by a European country.

*The monetary unit of Thailand is called the Baht. One Thai Baht is equal to US $0.029.

*Thai Airways, the official air carrier of Thailand flies to over 70 destinations around the world

*The official national flower is Ratchaphruek. The brilliant yellow color of the flower  is the same tone as official religion of the country and the color of Monday, the day when His Majesty King Bhumibol Aduladej was born. Since orchids are most abundant in Thailand, it  is also unofficially honored as the national flower.

*The beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who is turning 82 on December 5, is the world's current longest serving head of state and the longest reigning monarch in Thai history, having reigned since June 1946.

*December 5, the birthday of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, is also the National Day of Thailand. It is a public holiday.

*The elephant is the national animal of Thailand, a big help in the logging industry and a vehicle of war since the 16th century. The Thai people regard the white elephant as auspicious.

*March 13 is regarded as Elephant Day, when government and non-government organizations organize fund raising and public  awareness events  for the conservation of this beloved animal.

*Thailand is the world's 50th largest country in terms of land area. It is slightly smaller than Yemen and slightly bigger than Spain.


  1. Great site! Nice graphics, you need to teach me that after they booked your tickets!
    Mel & Frank

  2. After the running contest, think about point 1 here, the "land of the free" :) and ask yourself about Khmer temples as far west as Lopburi, Lao still an active language in 50% of the country, Burmese Kings and masters as well as several totally destroyed Capitals (Sukothai & Ayutthaya) if they really were free people in medieval times? It weren't always Europeans changing ownership and control over Asian nations!

    Frank (Big fan of Lapu-Lapu, the hero-pinoy!)