Wednesday, December 2, 2009

L.O.V.E. is in the Air!

Michael has beaten me again! (No, not that kind of beating!) Every 3rd of the month, we have a contest on who will greet the other first. You see, we got married on the 3rd day of October and every month we have this tradition of surprising each other. I woke up at dawn today to find this pink flower and note in my equally  pink childhood bathroom. I think the score  so far is 25 to 1, with me winning over him just once in our 1 year and 2 months as a married couple. 

Last night, we received our Koh Samui itinerary from the Ultimate Thailand Explorers support team. They’re doing a great job, updating us with our itineraries, e-tickets and what-have-you’s. We promised to do 3 things in our poll that you would want us not to miss in Koh Samui. Here are the winners: 1 Elephant Trekking, 2 Treetop Ziplining, 3 Samui Rollerball/Zorbing!  We’re putting these into the itinerary and we’ll add the 4th and 5th placers as well!  Koh Samui is one fun-filled island! I wish we can stay longer than 6 days so we can see and experience everything! 

As much as we want to travel earlier to Thailand to attend the Royal Ratchaphruek Festival, we decided to stay home, because I’m still recovering from cough and cold. But we’re still wishing, hoping  and praying we’ll meet the king once we travel there this Dec. 8. 
Again, we’d like to thank everyone who is religiously voting and visiting this site everyday! We thank you for the comments, suggestions and encouraging words as well. We couldn’t have reached the finals without you. We’d also like to thank the Philippine Department of Tourism for graciously extending their help and support. Thank you Secretary Ace for your generosity! 


Love Samui

L-ush rainforests!
O-cean adventures!
V-erdant golfcourses!
E-xtreme sports! 

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