Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thailand Celebrates the Royal Flora Ratchapruek Festival!

Courtesy of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (
Courtesy of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (

How we wish were in Thailand now! As you may now know,  the yellow Ratchapruek is the official flower of Thailand and it represents their beloved monarch.  According to the Thailand Authority of Tourism, more than 200,000 visitors are expected to attend a grand festival designed to celebrate and honour His Majesty the King, now the world’s longest reigning monarch, who will be celebrating his 82nd birthday on 5 December, 2009.

The opening ceremony will be held on 30 November, and the entire festival will run from 30 November – 10 December, 2009, at the Ratchaphruek 2006 Garden in the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai. His Majesty the King ascended the throne in June 1946 and was coronated in May 1950.

The highlight of the opening ceremony  is the lighting of  999 Kom Loi (Sky Lanterns). Nine is an auspicious number for the Thais. It will be followed by cultural dances from the 4 regions of Thailand with 99 dancers each! There will be fireworks and horticultural  exhibits of flowers, fruits and trees throughout the festival. It’s going to be an orchid lover’s paradise.

The grandest day will be on the King’s 82 birthday on December 5.  There will be lighting of candles, offering of prayers and blessing for his continued good health, and singing of songs. A fireworks and lights show will follow afterwards.
We are still hoping we could go in time for the King’s birthday! We’re trying to figure out a way. It’s our dream to meet King Bhumibol. We’ll update you!

Courtesy of the Thailand Tourism Authoriy website

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