Friday, November 27, 2009

Love Koh Samui!

LOVE Samui--this is our team name! And also our tagline. . . We chose it because we want our team to remind you of that beautiful place we're representing-- KOH SAMUI! Or what the Thais refer to as Samui, "Koh" being the Thai word for "island." We're very convinced that like us you will also FALL head over heels IN LOVE with this unique island paradise.

 What does Koh Samui have to offer? 
Let L.O.V.E. be your guide. . . 

L- lush rainforests

O-ocean adventures 

V-verdant golf courses

E- extreme sports 

YOU CAN find these and more in KOH SAMUI! You just gotta LOVE SAMUI!

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