Friday, November 27, 2009

Wanted: An Authentic Thai Massage

We just got massages in one of the best spas in the world--our home.  We had just flown back from an amazing conference in  Malaysia and we needed to get some time to wind down.  Aside from getting a  deep tissue massage, Michael tried a procedure called Bentosa Cupping Therapy. He had been experiencing back pains lately and he had noticed knots on his upper back, which was caused by the accumulation of lactic acid in his back muscles. The masseuse suggested  Bentosa to get rid of these big, hard knots. 
Michael's Bentosa Therapy
After a brief massage, the masseuse put out her armament--a set of 6 glass cups, 6 coins and a lighter. She wrapped a coin in a small white paper and rolled it. She then  put it on Mike's back and lit it with the lighter. Michael's back was  on fire. Acting quickly, the masseuse covered the flaming coin with the cup, extinguishing the fire. She repeated the whole procedure 5 more times. Michael said it felt like having six vacuum cleaner tubes stuck on his back. It felt very good. . . like getting a giant pinch from your adoring grandmother. All the pain melted away.  Michael, whose back now resembled a red lego block,  had a very relaxing nap afterwards.  

We can't wait to try an authentic Thai massage in Koh Samui. Last September Michael's cousin  opened the Thai Spa  in Zamboanga City and we were honored to be its first customers. The Thai massage we experienced there  didn't involve the  use any oil or kneading techniques.  It concentrated instead on  pressure points and involved a lot of stretching on a mat on the floor. It is the perfect massage to get in middle of a workday, perhaps on a lunch break, when you need some invigoration. No sticky, oily feel. And instead of sending you off to dreamland, you don't feel drowsy but energized and raring to go afterwards.    (The Thai Spa is located at Nunez Ext., Zamboanga City. Telephone number 992-2513) 
The Thai Spa's Plush LobbyThe Spa Beds
The Thai Spa in Zamboanga city

Do you know that Thailand now has more spas than any other country in the region?  It was recently named  the "Asian Spa Capital of 2009" by AsiaSpa Magazine. Two of the things we want you to experience with us in Koh Samui are the different massages and beauty treatments. Prepare to be pampered as we show you the different types of spa treatments available. And of course, we'll tell you which ones are worth your time and money and those that you can skip altogether.  
Right after our massage this afternoon, even before the masseuse could leave the house,we were  already in front of our computers,eagerly typing away,  excited to update our blogs and sites for the Ultimate Thailand Explorers! That's what a good massage can do--it can soothe, relax and  rejuvenate a weary soul. It's  a strong testament to the healing powers of touch.
P.S.  If you're planning on trying Bentosa, make sure you don't have a formal event or beach outing to attend, because the red spots on your back will take a week or two to fade. :) 

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